Breaking Through’s Warm-up Routine

Purpose of our warm-up
What is the purpose of our warm-up?
We have 2 goals for our warm-up

  1. Prepare your body for performance
  2. Prevent Injury

In order to do that, we want your muscles and your nerves to be communicating. The exercises we have listed below are designed to get muscles and nerves talking to each other. You need your muscles to be ready to respond on time and in the correct sequence as demanded by your sport.

Warm- Up exercises: (10-15 yards each)

Cool Down Exercises:

Deep Squat

Lunge with a Twist

Low Lunge with a Twist

Lunge with Reverse High Twist

High Karaoke Walk

What to Avoid



Foam Rolling

Lacrosse Ball


Chiropractic adjustments