Jennifer Palcic – Neurofeedback Trainer

Our Neurofeedback Trainer at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy is Jennifer Palcic. Jen is not only a devoted user of neurofeedback brain training, she is one of a few select NeurOptimal Representatives in the United States and the only one in Ohio. Starting out as a Certified NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer in 2021, Jen earned her status as official representative in 2022 and has gone on to earn her credentials as a NeurOptimal® Facilitator in 2023.  Read more on "How to Start a Neurofeedback Business."

As a NeurOptimal® representative not only does Jennifer have the knowledge, the expertise, and the credentials to guide you throughout your neurofeedback brain training decision making process, but since all of the NeurOptimal® Representatives are also NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainers, they can provide you with valuable information on how to become a trainer yourself or how to integrate NeurOptimal® into businesses, schools and organizations that could benefit. Jennifer is also the best source of advice when acquiring a NeurOptimal® Brain Training System for your in home personal or family use.

Cleveland Neurofeedback Provider

Jennifer Palcic, Neurofeedback Trainer and NeurOptimal® Representative

Jennifer Palcic
Breaking Through Intensive Therapy
19250 Bagley Rd
Suite 203
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Neurofeedback Trainer, Jennifer Palcic

Jen's Bio on the NeurOptimal® Reprentative Site Reads:

I am the owner, along with my husband Josh, of Breaking Through Intensive Therapy. We offer Physical Therapy and NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. We have an extensive background in Physical Therapy and we both have been working in the field for over 20 years with focus in areas of neurological disorders, orthopedic injuries, and athletes of all ages. Josh and I thrive to continually improve our physical and mental health. We have four children, and our fourth child was adopted through the foster system. We discovered NeurOptimal® as we were learning to parent a child with extensive trauma and behavioral issues. Our youngest son began receiving NeurOptimal® training in attempt to improve his behaviors and learning disabilities. Early on we began seeing positive results. We realized we needed to purchase a system and use it to benefit our entire family. We wish we had discovered it sooner! We began to offer NeurOptimal® at Breaking Through and many clients were open to learning more about it and experiencing it for themselves. When we came up with the name “Breaking Through” we were focused on the physical improvements our clients would achieve. NeurOptimal® allows us to add a mental component to help the clients and families we serve to continue breaking through the challenges they are experiencing.

I have completed the Basic and Advanced Certification and have made NeurOptimal® an important part of my life. I feel I am a better mother, wife, business owner, and leader in my community because of NeurOptimal®.

Read more about the journey that brought Jen to NeurOptimal® in her post: Can Neurofeedback Help My Foster Child or Adopted Child?

As a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, and the only NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback representative in Ohio, Jennifer Palcic can discuss renting and purchasing of the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training System for companies, sports teams or for in-home use.  Contact Jennifer to find out more about neurofeedback training.  Schedule your neurofeedback brain training sessions, discuss buying a NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback device for in-home use or learn more about becoming a certified brain training coach so that you may start your own neurofeedback business.