Become a NeurOptimal® Certified Neurofeedback Provider

Start Helping Others Achieve the Power of Neurofeedback

Join us in helping every individual have the opportunity to live their best life possible . When you no longer have to fight your brain, barriers are broken and breakthroughs to personal transformation are possible. All while you take your business to the next level!

As an Instructor, Jennifer Palcic is recognized as an experienced NeurOptimal® Trainer that has been authorized by Zengar® to deliver pre-approved Basic Certification content in a LIVE, interactive in-person environment.  She has gone through a rigorous training with the Director of Education and each of her LIVE courses result in an official Zengar® issued certificate.

Start Your Neurofeedback Business: Become a Certified Neurofeedback Provider

Learn from NeurOptimal Certified Instructor, Representative and Advanced Trainer, Jennifer Palcic, who has been an entrepreneur for four years and providing NeurOptimal neurofeedback brain training for nearly three years.

Two-Day Course Only $660

After completion of the 2-day course, and a passing quiz score, attendees will receive a 2-year NeurOptimal Basic Certification for only $660.

You Will Learn: