The NeurOptimal® System: Best At Home Neurofeedback Device

Best Home Neurofeedback Device

NeurOptimal®'s Neurofeedback: Convenient for Home Use


This neurofeedback system is so easy to use, do your sessions while reading, relaxing or even sleeping.

Completely non-invasive neurofeedback technology is designed to be used with ease - whether at our office or in the convenience of your own home. Use NeurOptimal®'s neurofeedback device to become the best version of yourself.

Neurofeedback at Home Device

Many Breaking Through Intensive Therapy clients choose to rent or purchase a NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback device after  a month of neurofeedback sessions.  Once you see how effective brain training can be it is common for the whole family to jump on-board.

Similar to Jennifer Palcic's story, a client often receives several neurofeedback sessions to boost a child’s self esteem, become more flexible, more resilient and to manage stress better which can make coping with things easier. After experiencing results with just a few sessions, families start to understand how brain training with this neurofeedback device can help with such a wide range of things including: academic performance, performance anxiety in athletes, stress management, sleep management, weight loss goals, coping mechanisms, and general quality of life. They want the whole family to benefit. And when you purchase or rent a NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback system, the whole family can benefit from in-home brain training at just one price.

If you live in a household with other family members, every one of them can benefit from brain training. Our users can range in age from children as young as under a year and adults well into their nineties.

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, brain training with NeurOptimal®'s neurofeedback device can help:

  • You feel more confident
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Increase mental focus and acuity
  • Improve relationships 
  • Give a greater sense of self, happiness and well-being

At Home Neurofeedback Device Explanation Video

Cleveland Neurotherapy

Best Neurofeedback Device for Home Use

Watch this explanatory video to see how this neurofeedback device works. Completely effortless and non-invasive, the user easily attaches sensors and begins the brain training session. During the session the neurofeedback device plays a music track. You'll notice brief pauses in the music which is when the system is giving feedback to the brain. The sensors are reading the electrical activity of your brain during the music track, the software receives this information, detects any changes in electrical activity and during the pauses in music reports this information back to the brain in real-time.  This feedback gives the central nervous system the information it needs to self-optimize. Each session is thirty three minutes long and you can relax, read, study or even sleep. The brain training will be equally effective regardless of what you're doing.

Get Started with Neurofeedback Brain Training

As a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, and the only NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback representative in Ohio, Jennifer Palcic works with clients using neurofeedback to help with a variety of circumstances.  Jen provides in-person neurofeedback sessions at the Cleveland area office, in Middleburg Heights.  She also rents the neurofeedback device, for home use, to individuals and families. Additionally, business owners that are tuned-in to the benefits of neurofeedback brain training will purchase NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback devices for brain training their staff and team to achieve best performance and quality of life.  Schedule your neurofeedback brain training sessions or discuss buying a NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback device for in-home use.