by Josh Palcic, DPT

You've Tried PT, Chiropractic Care and Massage. Nothing Seems to Work.

Has previous treatment left you dissatisfied, perplexed, and financially strained?
I understand your situation—I've been on the other side, as a doctor of physical therapy, unable to provide lasting relief. This led me on a quest to discover a better solution. That's when I found the patented One80 System® and Breaking Through, dedicated to helping individuals like you overcome pain, reclaim their lives, and prevent recurring issues.

How easy is it to partner with our team and witness remarkable improvements in your function, strength, and mobility in a short time? As simple as making a phone call.

Finding Effective Pain Relief Solutions

Getting effective pain relief solutions with Breaking Through is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Book a FREE consultation, share your limitations, past treatments, and your goals. Are you experiencing back pain? Limited range of motion? Read our client successes with everything from plantar fasciitis, sciatica pain, post knee surgery, foot drop, multiple sports injuries, shoulder pain and more.
  2. We'll demonstrate how our process swiftly addresses your symptoms' root cause, eliminating pain and restoring function effectively.
  3. If we're the right fit for you, stay for the full session. We'll provide home exercises and devise a plan to restore you to 100% with as few visits as possible.

What the conventional medical model deems acceptable—medication to mask symptoms, unnecessary surgeries, and time-consuming therapies—is unacceptable to us. (Read: NOT Your Typical Physical Therapy: “Think Different, Move Different, Be Different.”)

The One80 System® has consistently assisted patients of all ages and fitness levels for over 18 years, and Breaking Through is now in the Cleveland area, ready to deliver these remarkable results to you!  Due to our exceptional outcomes and high demand, evaluations may be scheduled one to two weeks in advance. If you're ready to start this journey with us, call 440-973-4223 number NOW to secure an appointment.


Effectively rehabbing sports injuries from recreational pickleball to professional football.


What do our patients say about the in-office neurofeedback sessions and buying or renting their own equipment for at-home use?