Breaking Through: Where Foot and Ankle Pain Come to End

Do you have foot and ankle pain? Are you tired of the failed conventional treatments of orthotics, stretches, ice packs, boots, and the all too often advice of “take a rest?” Would you rather get personalized care, science-based treatment, accurate advice, and real results? Of course you would, that’s why you need to “Break Through”.

 Foot and ankle issues don't just spring up out of nowhere. They're the result of complex, underlying imbalances in your body's mechanics. It's not just about the sore spot, it's about the whole kinetic matrix. At Breaking Through we're able to trace those problems back to their roots.

Foot and Ankle Pain - Getting to the Root Cause:

Where conventional physical therapy fails to treat foot and ankle pain, the One80 System succeeds by identifying the root cause and targeting the treatment on the cause of the dysfunction resulting in the foot and ankle pain.

The patented One80 System® will steer you clear of the gimmicks that mask symptoms but ignore the cause. Orthotics might support your step, and ice might numb the pain, but they're not solutions. At Breaking Through, our purpose is to address neuromuscular dysfunction that leads to inappropriate pressure on the ligaments of the ankle and plantar fascia of the foot.  

 Our approach is a full-scale, biomechanical overhaul. We assess, we analyze, and we retrain your body’s specific movement patterns. This is what will allow you to be pain-free and powerful. How’s this for an example: typical PT for an acute lateral ankle sprain usually keeps athletes on crutches, in braces and out of the action for 2-4 weeks. At Breaking Through, our athletes with the same injury return to play after just 2-4 visits! Too good to be true? Watch this.

The list of foot and ankle issues we treat is extensive. Heel pain? Gone. Ankle instability? Stabilized. Post-surgery rehab? Optimized. Plantar fasciitis? No problem. We've seen it all, and we've tackled it all, and we can do the same for you.


Ready to step away from the run-around and toward real results? Experience the Breaking Through paradigm shift for yourself and walk away from foot and ankle pain by calling (440) 973-4223 today and ask for a FREE consultation. Want to dive deeper into Breaking Through? Check out our resources on our Instagram account and YouTube channel.

 For professionals ready to level up their clinical skills, or students starting a career in the field, check out our courses HERE. Breaking Through isn't just a change in direction, it's a complete game changer! And it's time you joined us.



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