Job Opening: Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist"
Owner and DPT Josh Palcic

Looking for physical therapists that want more. Many physical therapists get into their field out of the desire to help people. To help athletes recover from injuries, to help people live an active lifestyle and eliminate pain and to help people learn to move better to improve performance and avoid injury and pain in the first place.  However, after years, and sometimes decades, of being in the hospital systems they start to feel like a cog in a wheel - not able to make a true difference with customized, personal approaches for each client. At Breaking Through, we break through that mold. At our private practice physical therapy clinic we do not conform to the cookie cutter approach of most health systems. Instead we help physical therapists to get back to doing what they wanted to do in the first place - explore the root cause of pain, injury and disfunction to make a difference in each client's life!

About Breaking Through Intensive Therapy

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy, we provide physical therapy and neurofeedback to clients of all ages to help them reach their functional goals and live life to the fullest. Our Middleburg Heights physical therapy clinic started by specializing in intensive physical therapy for individuals with neurologic deficits, which is why "Intensive Therapy" is in our name. However, as we have evolved, so have our services. Our physical therapists are the only ones in Ohio certified in The One80 System to treat the root cause of pain, function, and performance. By employing this method, we have become a physical therapy clinic most effective at using physical therapy for orthopedic injuries, sports rehab, sports performance, and chronic and acute pain.

Job Opening: Physical Therapist

Job Description

The Doctors of Physical Therapy at Breaking Through are the highest qualified professionals in the Cleveland, Ohio area to help you with pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and sports rehab physical therapy. We have been trained in The One80 System’sⓇ patented techniques and are looking for passionate, skilled Physical Therapists to join our team.

Key Responsibilities

  • One-on-One Assessment: Perform functional screens to determine the unique causes of patients' symptoms.
  • Treatment: Use specific, hands-on methods followed by functional reinforcement exercises to re-educate patients' bodies.
  • Re-Assessment: Conduct re-assessments at the conclusion of each visit, focusing on patient movement and ensuring improvement.
  • Education: Spend significant time teaching patients how they became injured and how to prevent future injuries. Create customized programs for patients to use at home, work, or play to avoid repeat visits. Empower patients to become the experts of their own health.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) required.
  • Experience with orthopedic injuries, sports rehab, sports performance, and chronic and acute pain preferred.
  • Certification in The One80 System is a plus.


Breaking Through Intensive Therapy
Middleburg Heights, OH

Benefits and Perks

  • Work with a dedicated team of professionals in a leading-edge physical therapy clinic.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and certification in The One80 System.
  • Supportive and collaborative work environment focused on patient-centered care.

How to Apply

Contact our office and email your resume and cover letter to We look forward to welcoming you to our team and working together to help our patients reach their functional goals and live life to the fullest.

Sports Rehab

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab.


To be considered for joining the team at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy send your resume and cover letter to the office. We look forward to considering your request!