Intensive Physical Therapy

Can Intensive Therapy and NDT Help My Child?

Dr. Josh Palcic has been working as a physical therapist since 2001. The majority of his career he has specialized in neurologic pediatric diagnoses and has been trained in Neurologic Developmental Treatment (NDT).  Josh has been working with kids and young adults with neurological impairments for over 20 years.

The model developed at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy develops an individualized program to meet their needs. And unlike other intensive physical therapy clinics for children, when your child reaches 18, we continue providing them with the intensive physical therapy and NDT.

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy we continue to observe, first hand, how a higher frequency and/or duration of Neurologic Developmental Treatment (NDT) has been successful for our patients to develop a new skill or push through a challenge or loss of function. We also see how the development of a foundational skill can promote a lifetime of movement and independence for our NDT patients.

We strongly believe that movement is medicine. Our goal is to help our clients and their families to see the potential that is within each client we serve as they are “Breaking Through” the barriers and challenges they face!


What do our intensive physical therapy patients say about Breaking Through?

Foot Pain

Regardless of what the diagnosis of your foot pain is, whether it's plantar fasciitis, a sprain, a fracture, tendonitis or some other conditions...


Foot Pain

Low Back Pain

25% of U.S. adults had reported lower back pain in the past 3 months and conventional physical therapy has shown little progress towards controlling the back pain epidemic. Learn how we're different.


Low Back Pain

Knee Pain

Can physical therapy help your knee pain? Learn how we treat Meniscal tears, Contusions, Fractures, Ligament strains and sprains, Osteoarthritis ...


Knee Pain

Spine Injury

There are many different ways in which the spine can become compromised, resulting in pain and dysfunction. Common spine injuries treated by our physical therapy include Fractures, Degenerative disc disease, Osteoporosis, Strains and sprains, Disc herniations ....


Spine Injuries

Physical Therapy for Sports Rehab

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab.


If it's a golf injury, or pain that flares up while you golf, keeping you from enjoying the game, let's get you back on the green with our proven sports rehab for golfers.


Golf Sports Rehab


Running injuries can be devastating to a runner.  Whether pain in your hips, knees, lower legs or feet (i.e. plantar fasciitis), our systematic approach uncovers the root cause to get you back to enjoying your runs.

Sports Rehab for Runners


Experiencing pain while cross training, doing your CrossFit WODs, or weight lifting? We assess the whole body function and work to get those muscles firing together again for peak performance.

Weightlifting Physical Therapy


Whether it's tennis or the growing sport of pickleball, an injury from overuse or body position is common.  Our sports rehab will have you serving again with strength and not pain.

Tennis Injury Physical Therapy


A football injury will be game-changing at any level. In our rehab program we'll focus on body function and motion, rather than pain and symptoms, to get you off the sidelines.

Sports Rehab for Football Injury


Most other team sports - basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and soccer, carry heightened risks of injury when "game time" intensity kicks in. Our sports rehab is designed to put you back in the game ASAP.

Sports Rehab


To arrange an assessment for sports injury rehab and physical therapy, contact us.