Neurofeedback for Better Performance: Testimonial from a Former CrossFit World Champion

Steve Hamming is an impressive athlete. Maybe most widely known as the CrossFit Games Master's World Champion in 2014 he competed in the CrossFit World Championships four times. He has also earned gold medals in the USA track and field master's division, 7 National championships in Fast pitch softball and 2016 Olympic weightlifting National champion. It's no surprise that as a Clinical Sport Psychologist and PsyD Licensed Psychologist he prioritizes his mental performance in order to maximize his physical performance.

After using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback in preparation for his CrossFit Games World Master's Championship Steve wrote an email to the co-founder of NeurOptimal®, Val Brown (featured in NeurOptimal® article, Neurofeedback Training Lifts CrossFit Champ to Victory). In this email he credits the neurofeedback for eliminating performance anxiety, giving him the ability to sleep well before competitions and remain calm and focused.  Read his email below to learn more about how CrossFit athletes, and all athletes, can benefit from the effects of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.

Dear Val:
I have lifted weights and competed athletically for 30+ years and in CrossFit for the last four years prior to adding NeurOptimal neurofeedback to my training regime. What first stood out as remarkable to me as I prepped for my competition for the World Games: by adding neuro-training tandem with [NeurOptimal Trainer] Molly Raymaakers, I was able to add 15 pounds to my Personal Record (PR). It’s considered ‘normal’ to add 5 lbs to a PR, but I added 15 lbs and could have gone higher but my coach advised me to cap it for now. This really got my attention!


From that point, I strategized with Molly to create a workout regime for the California world championship games. The results of our neurofeedback training strategy were multiple. I competed free of performance anxiety, slept great across all days of the competition, felt a serene ability to focus on my workouts while able to stay calm and maintain my physical training plan, and for 3 days of grueling workouts felt completely fresh each day.


These results were mutually recognized by my CrossFit Coach, family, and those who have watched me compete before. Comments from others were: “I’ve never seen you this relaxed during competition!” “You’ve never competed like this before.” “You’re able to stay mentally at ease and so intently focused at the same time.” “It’s day 3 and you still look like you feel good.” And I did feel good. I felt awesome! I hope my personal experience and sharing here is of value to you and to the greater therapeutic community.

Steven G. Hamming
PsyD Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Sport Psychologist


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