What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) is often misunderstood, so let’s clear the air. No, it's not just for athletes, it's not a massage, it’s not just a quick “feel better” fix, it’s not being hooked up to machines and it’s not riding a stationary bike followed by ice/heat. At least that’s not what it is at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy. We believe it's a science, an art, and a journey to a better way of living.

Typical Physical Therapy (We are NOT Your Typical Physical Therapy Providers)

The conventional PT model, what you’ve experienced before, is focused on symptom modification. Decrease pain for an hour, increase motion for the short term, and/or teach you how to work around or avoid weakness/instability. What patients experience at Breaking Through is the opposite of that (that’s why we call the system we use the “One80 System”). We focus on function, target the root cause of symptoms, and get you back to your activities WITHOUT sitting out, taking meds and settling for short term relief.


EFFECTIVE Physical Therapy - Uncovers to the Root Cause of Pain or Dysfunction:

Learn How Our One80 System Physical Therapy is Effective for Everyone

Your journey shouldn’t just stop when you “feel better.” At Breaking Through, your path to enhanced performance, function, and quality of life is the goal. It's about helping you understand your body's mechanics, physiology and using that knowledge to recover and reduce reinjury. 

Physical Therapy Success Stories

Do we work with recreational to professional level athletes? Yep.

Do we help patients recover from surgery? Yep.

Does that mean that’s all we do? Nope.

Because the patented  Breaking Through is based on human physiology, we use the same thought process with all of our patients no matter age, activity level or diagnosis. This is why our Medicare patients recover just as quickly as our teenage athletes.

Effective Approach to Physical Therapy

We can share patients’ stories and testimonials for days. The best part is most of our patients tried conventional PT, chiropractic, massage and even surgery before experiencing the Breaking Through difference. But, success isn't just about numbers, it's about regained function, eliminated symptoms, and improved lives. Making us the go-to experts for muscle, joint and nerve issues.

Physical Therapy Success Stories:

Learn More About Breaking Through's Methods:

Want to dive deeper and really understand the nuts and bolts of it all? You can check out the wealth of resources like our YouTube channel, our Instagram account, or keep reading our blogs. But, the best way to learn about Breaking Through is to feel the difference for yourself by scheduling a FREE consultation just by calling (440) 973-4223.

Remember, your journey and recovery depend greatly on your choice of providers. When your health is a priority, working with the leaders in the field will get you further faster than just settling for average care.


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