Should I Play Golf with Lower Back Pain?

What is Golfers Elbow?

For many golf enthusiasts, the joy of the game can be overshadowed by the nagging pain of “golfer's elbow.”

This condition, formally called medial epicondylitis, results from inflammation of the tendons in the inner elbow. It can significantly disrupt your swing and leave you frustrated on the course. Medial epicondylitis is caused by the excessive force used to bend the wrist toward the palm. Also known as "baseball elbow" it can be caused by throwing a javelin, chopping wood and other wrist-towards-palm repetitive motions.

At Breaking Through, we understand the importance of a pain-free swing and want to get you back to your golf game, wood chopping, javelin throwing or whatever activities you enjoy. That's why we utilize the revolutionary One80® System to help golfers like you achieve lasting relief from golfer's elbow and return to the game you love.


EFFECTIVE Physical Therapy - Uncovers to the Root Cause of Pain or Dysfunction:

Learn How Our One80 System Physical Therapy is Effective for Everyone

Golfer's elbow is not an isolated elbow issue. We find that golfer's elbow can often stem from movement dysfunction elsewhere in the body that puts excessive stress on the elbow joint!

Breaking Through Fixes Golfer's Elbow Fast:

At Breaking Through we do not agree with many of the other articles you'll read about fixing golfer's elbow, which is all the more reason to get a second opinion and do your research. We do not believe that resting it, icing it and putting a brace over the area will prepare and strengthen the body to get you back on the golf course. Those methods take longer and weaken the area by limiting use.  Instead, here's how we use The One80 System to fix your golfer's elbow fast:

  • Identifying underlying causes: we conduct full body assessments to pinpoint the root cause of your golfer's elbow.
  • Addressing movement dysfunction: once the underlying issues are identified, we will design a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include targeted exercises to improve core strength, stability, and mechanics throughout your kinetic chain (the interconnected system of muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments that generate movement)
  • Movement re-education:  a critical aspect of our unique treatment is re-educating your body to move efficiently. We will guide you through specific exercises designed to improve your swing mechanics and ensure you're using proper form to prevent future injury.

Eliminate Golfer's Elbow and Get Back to the Game You Love

At Breaking Through, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal golf performance.

So if you are ready to…

  • Eliminate golfer's elbow pain
  • Prevent future flare-ups
  • Improve your swing mechanics and efficiency
  • Increase your power and accuracy on the course
  • And get back to enjoying the game you love…

Contact us today! We would love to help swing pain-free. 💙🏌🏻‍♂️Let's get you back on the course, feeling your best and playing your best! ⛳️🏆

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