What is Dynamical Neurofeedback?

When first looking into neurofeedback, neurofeedback therapy and neurofeedback training, you'll notice differences in the ways providers describe their methods and categorize how neurofeedback is incorporated to help their patients or clients.  At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy we work with the NeurOptimal® to provide dynamical neurofeedback used in our clients' brain training sessions. Here we'll help answer some basic questions for you to decide if NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback training is something you want to learn more about.

Dynamical Neurofeedback FAQs

What is Dynamical Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback takes advantage of the brain’s natural dynamical learning processes by giving the brain the information it needs to do the work itself. It’s like holding up a mirror to the brain so it can make its own adjustments. This gently, surely and powerfully enables the brain to function more efficiently. Instead of telling the brain what to do by the practitioner setting the goals for that day, NeurOptimal® naturally maximizes the brain’s innate capabilities of self-regulation, resilience and flexibility.

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Your Brain Has the Ability to Self-Correct

What is possible when you train your brain? NeurOptimal® neurofeedback brain training is currently being used to help manage stress better, enhance learning capacity, improve focus, promote healthy sleep habits and manage performance anxiety. The list of other positive impacts are endless. Watch the explainer video on this page to learn more about how it works.

NeurOptimal® is the only neurofeedback system that works in real-time, is 100% non-invasive and requires no technical expertise to operate. Contact us with more questions or to get started with your brain training sessions.