Golf Fitness: Preparing Your Body for Your Best Round of Golf

We know there's not too many better ways to spend a few gorgeous hours then on the golf course enjoying your favorite game. But when an injury keeps that from happening, or your game is too frustrating to enjoy, we also know the feeling of missing that great mental and physical release. At Breaking Through we pride ourselves on golf fitness services and love working with golfers - either to get them back on the course or improving their golf game.

Golf Fitness Tips From Josh: Stiffness NOT Tightness

Josh Palcic, co-founder and Doctor of Physical Therapy at Breaking Through loves golf. He loves playing golf and helping others to enjoy their golf game and their performance.  For golfers looking to enhance their golf fitness, improve their game or get back to golf, Josh Palcic is the ultimate resource. Although he is not a golf pro or TPI certified, the courses provided to obtain TPI certification are based on material he learned, and taught, while getting his DPT. The focus is to identify what physical limits are keeping a golfer from playing their best.  And that's the same service we provide here as Doctors of Physical Therapy specializing in sports rehab, sports performance and specifically golf rehab.

Tiger Woods Drops Down in His Golf Swing

(from the video)

"...if you've ever taken a look at Tiger Woods and his golf swing, as he sets up and he goes into his full extension of the club over his head, he starts his down swing with an intentional sitting back into his swing - kind of squatting down. Then as he's coming through, he's down into the ball creating the ton of power and torque through this leg.   You have that extra internal rotation to be able to come into that swing and push through the ball.  If you limit some of that, you start to push up instead of dropping down. You start your rotation too early in your hips and you end up topping the ball. This  causes miss hits."

"At Breaking Through we talk about the mostrebility (motion, strength and stability) around a joint.  You may get advice about flexibility helping to get more range of motion, but without the control on the joints you're not going to have the best performance.   We take a look at that range of motion and see what kind of control you have in that area. We want stiffness around that joint not tightness.  Tightness limits range of motion.  Stiffness of the muscle helps with control.  When the muscles are stiff through the entire range, you have control around that entire joint."

Test for Muscle Strength to Improve Your Golf Game

When you schedule a golf fitness consultation with Josh he will test your muscles for strength. This process will help identify which of your muscles are "turned-off" or not active which is the root cause of dysfunction. Once we identify the root cause you will get treatment to activate your muscles and exercises to keep them engaged.  Many of our golfers report feeling relief of pain and improving golf fitness from the first visit.  Schedule your assessment now.


Learn why our physical therapy for golf fitness will get better results in less visits. We work with you INDIVIDUALLY to uncover the root cause of dysfunction and identify movements to improve performance.


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