Holistic Physical Therapy: Looking at the Whole Person

When we use the phrase holistic, or holistic physical therapy, we are referring to how our patented One80 System® looks at the whole body, not just the area of pain or concern. Where other physical therapy and practitioners identify the area of pain and only focus on surface level treatments to treat the pain - think massage, tape, stretch, braces, boots... although this can provide temporary pain relief, it does not take into account the reason WHY the pain started. These other approaches do not get to the root cause of the issue and the pain returns.

Changing Orthopedic Medicine with a Holistic Approach

At Breaking Through our tagline is "Think Different, Move Different, Be Different." because we are NOT your typical physical therapy.  Forget what you think you know about physical therapy because Breaking Through is using The One80 System to rewrite the rules. This isn't your run-of-the-mill treatment approach, it's a patented revolution in how we view and treat the human body.


EFFECTIVE Physical Therapy - Uncovers to the Root Cause of Pain or Dysfunction:

Learn How Our One80 System Physical Therapy is Effective for Everyone

Why patent a physical therapy method? Because innovation that works this well deserves protection. The One80 System  is a proprietary blend of techniques designed to optimize human movement in ways that conventional PT, chiropractic, or massage therapy can't touch.

Does the One80 System Work for Everyone?

It's a bold claim, but the idea is simple: when you correct the root of dysfunction, the benefits ripple outward, and symptoms disappear. Whether you're an athlete or someone just looking to move better around the house, the principles used at Breaking Through apply universally. Read our patient testimonials to see how the One80 System is helping patients with pain and performance: from post-operation knee surgery to competitive body builders.

Holistic Approach to Physical Therapy

What sets One80 System providers apart isn't just what we do, it's how we do it. This isn't about temporary fixes or surface-level treatments that most practitioners settle for. It's a holistic approach that combines an understanding of neuromuscular physiology, biomechanics and anatomy with critical thinking and focus on individual patients. It's the difference between putting a band-aid on a problem and actually solving it.

When it comes to success rates, the One80 System doesn't hide behind vague subjective reports. Success is measured in improved function, increased strength, restored stability and enhanced motion. It's about real results that allow you to return to activities that were previously off-limits.

Intrigued? You should be. The One80 System is more than a treatment, it's a Revolution. You are a click away from “breaking through” the quick fixes and experiencing sustainable health. Get more info about how we do what we do by following along on Instagram, or get insights on our YouTube channel. Or, better yet, call and schedule a FREE consultation today at (440) 973-4223.

If you're a professional looking to step up your game, join the MemberShift and reinvent your career in less than four months by learning The One80 System. The One80 System isn't just a change in direction, it's a complete game changer! And it's time you joined us at Breaking Through to experience it.


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