Breaking Through: Return to an Active Lifestyle

Whether it’s chronic pain or a recent sports injury, our unique physical therapy system restores full and enhanced function back to your active lifestyle. 


Breaking Through offers non-linear Neurofeedback using the Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback system.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to function in different neuropathways, which over time can improve behaviors, sleep and overall health.

Sports Performance and Injury Rehabilitation

Perform at your highest level with Breaking Through sports performance physical therapy.

We fix the root cause of pain so athletes can excel.

Neuro-Developmental Intensive Therapy

Our hands-on intensive physical therapy treatments maximizes movement to enhance the function of children and adults with disabilities.

With our help they’ll “Break Through” barriers and challenges they face!

Sports Rehab for Runners

Our running sports rehab physical therapy is designed to restore full, and enhanced function back to your running activities.

Sports Rehab for Golfers

We restore function back to your golf game through one-of-a-kind, unique, physical therapy and customized sports rehabilitation.

Neurofeedback Treatments for Trauma

I spent the last seven years on myself. Trying to get over the effects of PTSD. And the biggest changes in my life have been in the last nine months – since I’ve started neurofeedback.

– Natalie

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