Tightness is Not Always a Sign of Potential Injury

Have you ever experienced tightness in your hamstrings or hip flexors? These are very common complaints that we hear when we ask our clients to move during their first sessions with us.

Many people assume, maybe through years of being told by gym teachers, coaches and other physical fitness professionals, that you want to stretch to reduce injury. So many of our patients come in thinking their pain is caused by a lack of flexibility and they have goals of improving mobility to improve performance and reduce pain. However, these assumptions are not based in science.

"The use of stretching to prevent injury, off-set muscle soreness, and improve performance has been widely accepted and promoted in sports. However, little or no scientific evidence supports the practice, and recent research suggests that stretching, which increases flexibility beyond that needed for sport-specific movements, may cause injury."

- Ingraham SJ. The role of flexibility in injury prevention and athletic performance: have we stretched the truth? Minn Med. 2003 May;86(5):58-61. PMID: 15495679.

"Apparently, no scientifically based prescription for stretching exercises exists and no conclusive statements can be made about the relationship of stretching and athletic injuries. Stretching recommendations are clouded by misconceptions and conflicting research reports."

- Witvrouw E, Mahieu N, Danneels L, McNair P. Stretching and injury prevention: an obscure relationship. Sports Med. 2004;34(7):443-9. doi: 10.2165/00007256-200434070-00003. PMID: 15233597.

At Breaking Through, we are physical therapists and One80® System providers who have a different approach to improving performance and getting faster, better results following an injury. We believe that science proves improving mobility and flexibility before activity can actually increases the potential for injury!!!  That’s right. You read that correctly. Increases the risk for injury. Let us explain…

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen passively.
Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through its full range of motion. 

Let me introduce “MoStreBility,a term we use with One80 System providers. It differs from flexibility and mobility because it incorporates strength and stability through a full range of motion.  

  • Motion is the ability to move your joints through their full range of motion. 
  • Strength is the ability of your muscles to produce force. 
  • Stability is the ability to maintain your balance and control your movement.

This is important because flexibility and mobility on their own are not always enough to prevent injuries. And that is why we have devoted this post to explaining that increased flexibility is not your answer to avoiding injury and can actually be contributing to injuries! For example, if you have good flexibility in your hamstrings but not a lot of strength in your glutes, you are more likely to injure your hamstring when you squat.

MoStreBility exercises can help to reduce your risk of injury by helping you to develop the strength and stability you need to control and support your movements. Furthermore, MoStreBility is important for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. 

Why Our Approach Delivers Better Recovery Results and Prevents Injuries

At Breaking Through, we utilize the concepts of MoStreBility in our home programs as we seek to find the root cause of the issue that is causing the pain or limitations our clients are experiencing.

The patented One80 System® process we use to assess and treat our patients helps restore normal movement through full ranges of motion with complete control. This is why our patients are recovering faster and returning to their active lifestyles without limitations.

  • Are you suffering from an injury?
  • Would you like to improve your athletic performance? 
  • Or would you just like to move like you did 10 years ago? 

If you are ready to “Think Different. Move Different. Be Different” ... contact us. We would love to hear more about your story and help you out as best we can!

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