Millions of people suffer from low back pain daily, but some choose not to seek treatment while others try unproven therapies. Physical therapy has been shown to make little progress towards controlling the back pain epidemic (read our page: Why Conventional Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain Doesn't Work), as most unspecific low back pain cases will return to normal within six weeks without treatment. However, it is not advisable to endure the pain and wait for it to disappear, as this does not address the root cause of the pain or diagnose any underlying pathology.

Does Physical Therapy Work For Lower Back Pain?

Conventional physical therapy often fails when treating low back pain due to approaches such as stretching and flexibility exercises, teaching proper form verbally, corrective exercise programs, spinal manipulation, massage, and symptom cover-up techniques. These are not effective in addressing the root cause of the pain and are often based on pseudoscience. (read Why Stretching is Not Your Friend)

Breaking Through has developed a patent-pending system that blends physiology, total body evaluation, manual therapy, and functional exercises, and educates patients on how these principles apply to their situation. Their evaluation and treatment processes are based on science and provide immediate and lasting results. Instead of just focusing on the painful area, the lumbar spine, their doctors evaluate the entire body to determine the root cause of the symptoms and use manual therapy techniques to re-establish normal physiological function. Patients are then given reinforcement exercises specific to their individual needs.

If you are experiencing low back pain, it is best to seek treatment from a provider such as Breaking Through to address the root cause of your pain. Call (440) 973-4223 today for a free consultation and discover why One80 is the opposite of everything you've tried before.


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