How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost?

How Much Are Neurofeedback Sessions?

Is it more economical to pay for in-office sessions, to rent a machine or to buy a NeurOptimal's neurofeedback device?

When our patients first learn the benefits of neurofeedback, which some refer to as neurotherapy, they ask: "how much does it cost?" and "how many times do I need to do it?" The answer depends on your unique situation, but here are some general costs:

How Much Does it Cost

Neurofeedback has been gaining traction for over a few decades already and the cost has become most affordable for people to buy their own neurofeedback systems. However, whether you do in-office sessions, rent a neurofeedback machine, or buy a neurofeedback machine will determine how much neurofeedback will cost. An article from 2010, in the NY Times, "Neurofeedback Gains Popularity and Lab Attention" discussed the rise in popularity and attention from researchers while results proved undeniably beneficial.  At that time, the article quoted a cost of $3,000 for 30 sessions.

In-Office Neurofeedback

Our in-office neurofeedback sessions are sold in packages of 10 or 15. A package of 10 neurofeedback sessions costs $800, and 15 sessions cost $1,200. With our pricing, the 30 session treatment plan, doing the in-office sessions, would cost $2,400 - which is $600 less than the NY Times article estimate from over 10 years ago. Part of the in-office neurofeedback session includes an assessment to track progress. Jennifer Palcic, our Neurofeedback Trainer and an official NeurOptimal Representatives, facilitates these assessments.  Many patients notice a difference in how they feel right away and experience continuous improvement with each session.  After their first round of 10 or 15, patients are sold on the effectiveness, want everyone in their house to do it, and would rather have their own neurofeedback system to use at home.  Look at our price table below to see how renting or buying your own NeurOptimal® Brain Training System can benefit more members of your household at a much lower cost.


Neurofeedback sessions with our trainer, Jennifer Palcic

In Office Neurofeedback

In Office Neurofeedback


$80/session with a minimum of 10 or 15 session package
Each session is 33 minutes
Payment is required upfront for 10 - 15 session package

NeurOptimal neurofeedback at home

Rent a Neurofeedback System

Rent a Neurofeedback System


Unlimited sessions for your household
NeurOptimal's neurofeedback device was designed for ease of use - making it ideal to be used by anyone, anywhere - especially in the comfort of your own home.

Fully configured NeurOptimal® system with unlimited license

Buy a Neurofeedback System

Buy a Neurofeedback System


$380/mo for 24 months at 0% financing*
Includes NeurOptimal® neurofeedback device, 3 month PASS preview, 100 ZenPoints, membership to our Facebook PASS Community and more. *3,500 Initial Down Payment Required

How Much Will Neurofeedback Cost You?

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy we are huge advocates of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. We use it ourselves and only first got involved with NeurOptimal® after nearly miraculous results in our own family. However, we understand that not every family has the financial capacity to buy a neurofeedback system and we are here to help as best we can. We offer in office neurofeedback, using the same NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system available for rental or purchase, so that you can experience the benefits before making the decision.  We have also published an article, "Affording Neurofeedback and Intensive Therapy: Applying for Grants," to help your family get a grant for neurofeedback.  This was written for us by a patient that has been able to secure funding for medical treatments and neurofeedback for her family.

Still wondering if you should pay for in-office neurofeedback sessions, rent your own system for a month, or buy a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system for yourself? Call our neurofeedback trainer and expert, Jennifer Palcic, or fill out this form, and she will get in touch with you.

Buy or Rent Neurofeedback System

If you live in a household with other family members, every one of them can benefit from brain training. Our users can range in age from children as young as under a year and adults well into their nineties.

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, brain training with NeurOptimal®'s neurofeedback device can help:

  • You feel more confident
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Increase mental focus and acuity
  • Improve relationships 
  • Give a greater sense of self, happiness and well-being
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