How Our Knee Pain Specialists Help You Break Through the Pain

Knee pain can cripple your stride, turning every step into a painful reminder of what you can not do. Here's a secret, Breaking Through uses the patented One80 System® which isn't fancy equipment, medical device or another symptom modification gimmick, it's your ticket back to walking, running and jumping pain free.

Understanding How The Knee Works With the Rest of Your Body

At Breaking Through we understand how your knee works with the rest of your body. Because of this we can correct mechanics at your feet, hips, and even back that may be leading to your knee pain. We also know that muscle function is the driving force to normal movement. That’s why we focus on the root cause of strength and stability deficits, neuromuscular inhibition. These are two of the points that our unique system addresses that the conventional medical model overlooks.  

How Many Visits Does it Take Our Knee Pain Specialists?

Many of our patients experiencing knee pain give testimonials about feeling results after just one visit!

How long does it take for patients to get back in the game of life? How does results in one visit sound? Although every patient will be a little different, most Breaking Through patients leave their first visit with results that let them go back to normal activity and sports with little to no limitation. But we won’t stop at just getting you back to feeling better. Our goal is to get you back to full function, teach you proper injury prevention and maximize your ability for the long term.

Post Knee Surgery and Breaking Through: A Dynamic Duo

If you're coming out of ACL surgery, knee replacement, or meniscus/patellar procedures, Breaking Through will get you better faster and more safely. We are the bridge between the operating room and your activities. When our patients have post op check ups, their surgeons are blown away with how fast strength, motion and exercise progresses at Breaking Through versus conventional rehab.   

 If you've injured your knee, sitting out is not the answer. Breaking Through Intensive Therapy should be your first call when symptoms arise. Rest, MRIs, ice and braces are not going to solve the problem. The right move is seeing the experts in the field (a One80 provider) and getting on top of recovery before swelling, weakness and pain start making recovery harder.

Don't Let Knee Pain Be Your New Normal

Knee pain doesn't have to be your new normal. With Breaking Through Intensive Therapy, you can take control and jump back into your active lifestyle. Ready to get started? It’s as easy as calling (440) 973-4223 and setting up a FREE consultation.

Breaking Through has the science, the strategies, and the success stories that make us the industry leaders. Don't just take our word for it, read our patients' success stories, connect with us on Instagram, or get expert insights on our YouTube channel.

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Don't let knee pain limit your life. Call (440) 973-4223 today to schedule a FREE consultation. With Breaking Through, you can live a life free of knee pain and full of possibilities.


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