This patient story is true and published with their consent. In some cases names and personal details have been made-up to protect the privacy of our patients.

Knee Pain Treatment

Do you or your high school athlete have knee pain that's keeping them off the court, field or track and out of the game? Have other "knee pain doctors" told you to either rest, tape, ice or to treat the knee pain with surgery?  Not at Breaking Through. Whether you're an athlete or simply dealing with everyday knee pain, our doctors give you the knee pain treatment that works for your lifestyle - without surgery! Listen to this patient success story:

Tyler, a 16-year-old sophomore at Berea–Midpark High School, in Berea (less than a mile away from our physical therapy clinic), is a three-sport athlete. Basketball is Tyler’s primary sport with cross-country and track being the two other sports he uses to strengthen his running and jumping skills for his basketball game. Tyler is very active almost all the time and being side-lined in his life, at this point, is not an option.

How do You Treat Knee Pain for a Young Athlete Who Wants to Stay Active?

Tyler loves playing sports, puts in the hard-work, and hopes to enjoy a high school experience of an active, starting athlete as much as possible. Tyler hopes that as he physically grows, develops, and strengthens, that he improves his athletic abilities and may pursue an athletic career into college. Tyler is very concerned that an injury could derail his plans and keep him off the court or off the track and hurt his chances of continuous development throughout the season.

Growing Pains in Both Knees

Tyler came to Breaking Through with severe growing pains in both of his knees, which was affecting his ability to run and jump during his basketball games. He said the pain had kept him unable to do a lunge since last summer, a whole year. He could not finish a basketball practice or game without taking himself out for pain.

Knee Pain Treatment

Dr. Evan did Tyler’s initial functional screening, found out which muscles were not active, activated the targeted muscles during his Physical Therapy sessions and gave him exercises to keep those areas activated and strengthened.

After just three PT sessions Tyler improved his mechanics with all exercises, was experiencing pain-free movement and could play an entire game without pain. Tyler reported a significant decrease in knee pain and his mom commented on what a huge difference she can already see while watching him running up and down the court with better mechanics as well as his ability to jump and become much more explosive.


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