Traditionally, warming up has been associated with static stretching, which involves holding a position to elongate the muscles. While this method can be beneficial, recent studies suggest that it may not be the most efficient way to prime your body for optimal performance. That's where The One80 System® comes in, revolutionizing the art of warming up.

Our approach focuses on warming up through full ranges of motion without extensive stretching. By incorporating dynamic movements, you can prepare your muscles, tendons, and ligaments for the explosive demands of volleyball and basketball.


Here's why The One80 System® works:

1. Increased Range of Motion: Rather than utilizing stretches, our system emphasizes movements that challenge your range of motion. By gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of these exercises, you'll not only enhance your flexibility but also improve joint stability and overall mobility. (See our blog “(Insert link)”  about why stretching actually increases you chance for injury)

2. Improved Blood Circulation: Dynamic warm-ups enhance blood flow, promoting oxygen and nutrient delivery to your working muscles. This increased circulation primes your body for optimal performance, allowing you to react swiftly and powerfully on the court.

3. Enhanced Neurological Activation: By incorporating sport-specific movements into your warm-up routine, you activate important neural pathways, improving your mind-muscle connection. This heightened neurological activation will translate into faster reaction times, better coordination, and improved agility during your matches.


So, let's dive into Breaking Through's dynamic warm-up routine specifically tailored for volleyball and basketball athletes:

  • 1. Core Activation: Engage your core with exercises such as plank variations, Abdominal isometrics, lifts and chops to stabilize your torso while executing powerful volleyball spikes or basketball crossovers.


  • 2. Muscle activation: Perform exercises like lunge with a twist, crossover squats, monster walks, body weight squats, and A-jacks to get muscles activated with the neurological system, which is crucial for quick changes in direction and explosive movements.


  • 3. Dynamic Warm-up: Include movements like walking lunges, butt kicks, karaokies, or high knees to warm up your leg muscles and prime them for explosive jumps and swift lateral movements.


  • 4. Functional Movement Drills: Incorporate sport-specific movements, such as lateral shuffles, vertical jumps, or quick direction changes, to simulate the demands of your chosen sport and improve your overall agility.


Remember, athletes, investing the time to warm up properly is a critical step towards breaking through your limits. We encourage you to embrace this mental shift from the old school ways of warming up and experience the science-based, transformative power of dynamic warm-ups.

Get ready to dominate the court and kiss those pesky injuries “Goodbye”!


Ideal for athletes, our neurofeedback device can be used on the bus, plane, train, hotel room, and everywhere your sports career takes you.


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