You Want Natural Pain Relief Without the Hocus Pocus.

Whether it’s chronic pain or a recent sports injury, our unique physical therapy system restores your motion, eliminates your pain, and builds up your strength and endurance. And we do it without machines, gimmicks, drugs or lotions. You won't need an MRI. We won't tell you to rest your injury, ice it, tape it, put it in a boot or brace. We don't prescribe steroids or PRP injections. We'll get your body back to functioning without pain - naturally.

Patients like you choose us for several reasons, here are a few:

Natural Methods (No Drugs or Gimmicks) to Find the Root Cause of Pain.

We find the root cause of your pain. Are you sick of trying all sorts of treatments? They may feel good for a short time and then the pesky pain comes back over and over again. This is because the source of your pain is going untreated. This separates us from traditional physical therapy and other symptom modification treatments. We conduct full body assessments, every visit, so that the root cause will always be found AND treated.

Your Goals Become OUR Goals

We care about your goals. Have you ever been told “you shouldn’t do (fill-in-the-blank activity you love doing) anymore?” Your goals are important to us, we will never tell a patient they shouldn’t do what they love anymore. Your goals become our goals and we will always try our best to help you return to whatever you want and need to do.

Cookie Cutters Never Eliminate Pain Long Term

We personalize everything to you. Cookie cutter care will never solve problems. We treat each and every patient individually and uniquely. No patients, even with the same pain or same injuries, are treated the same. This is because there are so many unique factors that make us who we are. We will always listen to you and treat you with personalized care.

Education. Education. Education.

We want to educate you to see you in fewer sessions. Other clinics may tell you that they want to see you 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks because they go by the book. Because we find the root cause of your pain and personalize everything to you we see clients in fewer sessions. This saves you money and time, while getting you back to your goals.

If you are an active person and an injury/pain has been preventing you from doing the activities you love, consider Breaking Through. Let us know how we can help you! 💙💚


Effectively rehabbing sports injuries from recreational pickleball to professional football.


What do our patients say about the in-office neurofeedback sessions and buying or renting their own equipment for at-home use?