Neurofeedback for Chronic Stress and PTSD

The goal at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy is to help everyone be better prepared to face life's challenges by becoming the very best version of themselves. Many challenges that come from PTSD, trauma, chronic stress and anxiety can go away with NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback. Whether it's a feeling of anxiety, fear or indecisiveness that is contributing to ongoing and debilitating stress, brain training can get the brain functioning optimally. Brain training with our NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback device can help you function more efficiently and with more clarity in your life.

Neurofeedback for Chronic Stress, Trauma and PTSD

Watch this video to learn more about Natalie's story. Natalie felt that her wheels were spinning off. After the loss of her young son, the responsibility of caring for a child with a disability while running her business led to chronic stress. She was a highly motivated person before and now felt anxiety and stress with little hope of getting her life back on track. The trauma of losing her son had left her with an empty pit.

Neurofeedback Results on Chronic Stress, PTSD and Trauma

After just a few days Natalie recalls waking up with more focus.  She now enjoys brain training neurofeedback at least three times a week. After using neurofeedback for her own chronic stress and PTSD, Natalie thought to try it for her son. After just a few sessions she noticed he's more socially engaged, has more laughter and his seizures have reduced in frequency.

Natalie has noticed she feels more confident, self aware and more productive with less overwhelm. Her cravings for unhealthy foods have even disappeared.

Neurofeedback to Stress, Trauma and PTSD

I spent the last seven years on myself. Trying to get over the effects of PTSD. And the biggest changes in my life have been in the last nine months - since I've started neurofeedback.

- Natalie

As a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, and the only NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback representative in Ohio, Jennifer Palcic works with neurofeedback clients experiencing a variety of complaints. Jennifer works with her clients to provide neurofeedback brain training to help them towards achieving improved health. Reported results include healthier sleep habits, better focus, feeling more calm and centered, less physical complaints and increased confidence. Contact Jennifer to find out more about neurofeedback training.  Schedule your neurofeedback brain training sessions or discuss buying a NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback device for in-home use.