Physical Therapist for Chronic and Acute Pain

The sports rehab physical therapy you get at Breaking Through is unique. Our sports physical therapy and sports rehab programs are not only unique to each patient, they are also unique in the way our techniques differ from an average physical therapist, Chiropractor or other health and medical professional you may have worked with in the past.

Unique Sports Rehab Results

Breaking Through utilizes a different approach to the typical form of physical therapy. You will not see any gadgets, foam rollers or massage guns because at Breaking Through we get results with your sports rehab by implementing a physical therapy system focused on finding the root cause of your issues. If you're looking for a sports rehab physical therapists, you likely suffered a sports injury, but what we do to uncover the cause is unique. The patented process we use to diagnose and rehabilitate is called neuromuscular inhibition. Because nerves control muscles, and muscles stabilize and move joints, this approach is the only treatment that gets to the root cause of injury. Because we find what is causing the pain, and treat your sports injury for permanent results, the frustration of repeat visits and short-term results can be a thing of the past.

Josh Palcic, PT, DPT

Dr. Josh explains how our bodies communicate with us by generating pain and how physical therapy sessions at Breaking Through are designed to restore your function, while decreasing your pain in less sessions and with long-lasting results.

Sports Rehab Physical Therapy Sessions: What to Expect

Another way our sports rehab physical therapy is unique is that it's unique to how you move your body and the habits your muscles have developed that impact the unique way your body moves.  Your Physical Therapist begins each visit with a personal, one-to-one assessment and treatment focused on your specific individual needs. This assessment assumes nothing and will test your body's function from toes to skull during each visit.  The typical sports therapist will spend the entire time focused on the one area that's showing signs of pain or decreased mobility and function.  However, our system will demonstrate that your pain and decreased function of one area can be caused by weakness in, what would seem to be, an unrelated area. Your sports rehab will have more permanent results with fewer visits by strengthening other muscles in the body that a typical sports therapist would likely ignore.

During Each Sports Physical Therapy Session You Receive:

  • An Assessment: You will perform a functional screen to determine the unique causes of your symptoms.
  • Treatment: To treat the cause of your sports injury we use specific, hands-on sports rehabilitation methods followed by functional reinforcement exercises to re-educate your body.
  • Re-Assessment: Performed at the conclusion of each visit. We focus on how you are moving and will assess that you are moving better than when you came in.
  • Education: We spend a large portion of time teaching you how you became injured and for the prevention of future sports injuries. We then create a customized program you can use at home, work, or play that will strengthen your body faster and avoid repeat visits. We want You to become the expert of You!

Foot Pain

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Foot Pain

Low Back Pain

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Knee Pain

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Physical Therapy for Sports Rehab

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab.


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