Physical Therapist for Team Sports Rehab

If you're looking for a physical therapist for your team sport than you know team sport injuries are commonplace, and you've likely been disappointed with other solutions. That's why we named our clinic "Breaking Through" because  we know that dealing with pain while playing, or being sidelined all together, has a major impact on an athlete - physically, emotionally and sometimes financially. At Breaking Through our goal is to get you back in the game ASAP. With a ground-breaking method of physical therapy to help you break through the pain, the discomfort and the cycle of ineffective "sports rehab" techniques. Our sports rehab approach to physical therapy can have you moving with more function and feeling less pain in fewer physical therapy sessions.

No matter the level of competition, from youth soccer leagues to professional athlete, the sports rehab physical therapy sessions at Breaking Through are created with your personal needs and abilities at the forefront. Our team sport  patients are continuously surprised when our unique approach delivers faster and longer lasting effects than the treatments they've become accustomed to:  ice / heat / massage / chiropractic treatment / massage gun / orthotics / tape. At Breaking Through we don't focus on just the pain in just the area it's manifesting now. Our treatment isn't for the symptom of pain. It is to solve the problem of decreased function and diagnose what other muscles are contributing. By doing this we eliminate the "treatments" for your symptoms and plan a course to movement and full function. Each sports rehab and physical therapy session is designed to uncover the cause of your discomfort, injury or limits in function and get your muscles firing together again so that you can get back to playing your team sport.

Physical Therapist for Team Sports: Common Injuries

From baseball and soccer to football and lacrosse. From volleyball and softball to ice hockey and curling. In team sports there is an elevated risk of bruising or contusion from impact with other players, but many of the other injuries are similar to running injuries, football injuries and even cross-training injuries. These include sprains (stretched or torn ligament), strains (torn or pulled muscles and tendons) and fractures (breaks in the bone). Many of these have unique names because they're common to a sport - like turf toe, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, jumper's knee and runner's knee. Whether your injury is common and has a name with a diagnosis, or it's uncommon, our physical therapy sessions will evaluate and treat function in the whole body to get everything back to optimal performance.

How NOT to Rehab a Team Sport Injury

We won't have a  sports rehab physical therapy treatment plan until after our full assessment but we can tell you how we will NOT get you back to your game. We will NOT tell you to stop playing, to ice, to heat, to wrap, to tape, to massage, to take anti-inflammatories or injections. Instead we will work together to determine which exercises will strengthen the areas contributing to the loss of function or heightened pain.  This is how we actively get you back to participating in your team sport sooner and with more strength.

Josh Palcic, PT, DPT

Dr. Josh explains how our bodies communicate with us by generating pain and how physical therapy sessions at Breaking Through are designed to restore your function, while decreasing your pain in less sessions and with long-lasting results.

Sports Rehab Physical Therapy Sessions: What to Expect

Another way our sports rehab physical therapy is unique is that it's unique to how you move your body and the habits your muscles have developed that impact the unique way your body moves.  Your Physical Therapist begins each visit with a personal, one-to-one assessment and treatment focused on your specific individual needs. This assessment assumes nothing and will test your body's function from toes to skull during each visit.  The typical sports therapist will spend the entire time focused on the one area that's showing signs of pain or decreased mobility and function.  However, our system will demonstrate that your pain and decreased function of one area can be caused by weakness in, what would seem to be, an unrelated area. Your sports rehab will have more permanent results with fewer visits by strengthening other muscles in the body that a typical sports therapist would likely ignore.

During Each Sports Physical Therapy Session You Receive:

  • An Assessment: You will perform a functional screen to determine the unique causes of your symptoms.
  • Treatment: To treat the cause of your sports injury we use specific, hands-on sports rehabilitation methods followed by functional reinforcement exercises to re-educate your body.
  • Re-Assessment: Performed at the conclusion of each visit. We focus on how you are moving and will assess that you are moving better than when you came in.
  • Education: We spend a large portion of time teaching you how you became injured and for the prevention of future sports injuries. We then create a customized program you can use at home, work, or play that will strengthen your body faster and avoid repeat visits. We want You to become the expert of You!


What do our sports rehab and physical therapy patients say about Breaking Through?

I went to see Dr Josh about an old arm injury from a few years back. I was in pain daily and my hand would often go numb. I had 2 cortisone shots and was recommended to not use my arm and that eventually I would need surgery. Dr Josh was great at explaining what he found during my consultation and gave me workouts to take home. Because I live over an hour away he was clear and reasonable with expectations. After 3 weeks of doing exercises I am still sleeping comfortably and my hand has not gone numb once, and I am using my arm in daily tasks again! I highly recommend giving Breaking Through a try, you won’t be sorry!!

I suffer from chronic back pain (ruptured two discs in lower back 10 years ago). I re-injured my back last week while working out to the point where it was hard to walk, sit, stand, and basically move. My pain was so bad that I had to take a break from working out, which wasn’t good for my own mental health. I decided to try Breaking Through. I have had one session so far with Evan and seriously I feel like a new person. The next day I was back at the gym working out to full strength and stamina. It’s amazing how much he has helped me! Thank you Evan! If you are suffering from pain and limited on what you can do than give them a call!


If it's a golf injury, or pain that flares up while you golf, keeping you from enjoying the game, let's get you back on the green with less pain, more function and more strength. A sports rehab for golfers proven effective for all ages and levels.


Running injuries can be devastating to a runner.  Whether pain in your hips, knees, lower legs or feet (i.e. plantar fasciitis), our systematic approach uncovers the root cause to get you back to enjoying your runs.


Experiencing pain while cross training, doing your CrossFit WODs, or weight lifting? We assess the whole body function and work to get those muscles firing together again for peak performance.



Whether it's tennis or the growing sport of pickleball, an injury from overuse or body position is common.  Our sports rehab will have you serving again with strength and not pain.



A football injury will be game-changing at any level. In our rehab program we'll focus on body function and motion, rather than pain and symptoms, to get you off the sidelines.



Most other team sports - basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and soccer, carry heightened risks of injury when "game time" intensity kicks in. Our sports rehab is designed to put you back in the game ASAP.


Physical Therapy for Sports Rehab

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab.


To arrange an assessment for sports injury rehab and physical therapy, contact us.