When to See Our Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist, Physician, Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist?

When do you see a Physical Therapist instead of visiting a physician, chiropractor or getting a massage? Does a physical therapist need to be prescribed by your physician after an injury or a surgery?  These are some of the questions our patients first ask when deciding to set up an initial evaluation.

Whether you are living with chronic pain, have sustained an acute injury, or want to improve and maintain optimal performance, the physical therapists at Breaking Through can help. Below are the top scenarios our patients face before being effectively treated by our unique physical therapy approach - an approach that is designed to restore pain-free function in less visits than conventional PT, chiropractic care, massage and other options in the health care realm:

Pain: Either Acute (Sudden Onset) or Chronic (Long Lasting)

Our patients suffering from pain  - foot pain, lower back pain, knee pain and more, find that our unique approach to physical therapy, using hands-on treatment, a full assessment and customized strengthening movements reduce and eliminate pain. The physical therapists at Breaking Through have one goal - to help patients go back to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, getting back to work, sports, exercise and their daily life without being limited by pain.

Recover from Injury or Surgery

Many of our patients have sought out care to recover from an injury or surgery.  Because our physical therapists meet one-on-one with each patient for every visit, we not only customize each patient's recovery program, we maintain the continuity of consistent care and follow-up. This personal approach speeds up recovery for many sports related injuries, work related injuries and post-surgery recoveries. (However, we would rather see patients BEFORE surgery to determine if our approach can help you avoid surgery - read below.)

Avoid, or Delay, Surgery

Our physical therapists are not so bold as to think they can help all patients to avoid surgery.  However, we have met with countless patients who were told by their physicians, after conventional physical therapy and chiropractic care did not help, that surgery was their only option. We have been able to restore full function to many patients who were expecting to need knee, back, hip and shoulder surgery. Because our methods encourage joints to function normally, and strengthen surrounding muscles, symptoms from arthritis, cartilage tears and ligament issues go away. When it's clear that an injury is severe enough to warrant surgery, we know the best surgeons to recommend.

Physical Therapists Improve Performance

Read our post about how CrossFit legend, Rich Froning Jr., uses The One80 System to improve performance and you will hear The One80System founder explain how deep stretching, Theraguns, tape, braces, foam rollers and other traditional methods actually impede performance by reducing strength in the muscle. Our physical therapists chose to become certified in The One80 System® because it has proven to maximize neuromuscular facilitation so patients experience increased motion, strength and stability. This combination maximizes performance while reducing injury levels.  Techniques our Breaking Through Physical Therapists use not only give you longer lasting results, they also will keep you safe, increase mobility, and restore your ability maintain your new motion over time.



What do our sports rehab and physical therapy patients say about Breaking Through?

I went to see Dr Josh about an old arm injury from a few years back. I was in pain daily and my hand would often go numb. I had 2 cortisone shots and was recommended to not use my arm and that eventually I would need surgery. Dr Josh was great at explaining what he found during my consultation and gave me workouts to take home. Because I live over an hour away he was clear and reasonable with expectations. After 3 weeks of doing exercises I am still sleeping comfortably and my hand has not gone numb once, and I am using my arm in daily tasks again! I highly recommend giving Breaking Through a try, you won’t be sorry!!

I suffer from chronic back pain (ruptured two discs in lower back 10 years ago). I re-injured my back last week while working out to the point where it was hard to walk, sit, stand, and basically move. My pain was so bad that I had to take a break from working out, which wasn’t good for my own mental health. I decided to try Breaking Through. I have had one session so far with Evan and seriously I feel like a new person. The next day I was back at the gym working out to full strength and stamina. It’s amazing how much he has helped me! Thank you Evan! If you are suffering from pain and limited on what you can do than give them a call!


To arrange an assessment for sports injury rehab and physical therapy, contact us.