Shoulder Pain: Makes Work Difficult and Eliminated Dance, Workouts and Activity

We recently had the pleasure of working with a young lady, Trish. She came to the physical therapists at Breaking Through with complaints of left shoulder pain that would bring her to tears and was limiting the “fun” activities she enjoyed.  With the intensity of shoulder pain, she could tolerate just enough pain to get through day-to-day life and work, and could not do other activities. Trish is a hair stylist in Berea (an amazing one) and worked at a restaurant bartending, hosting, and doing any other task needed. Both jobs require a lot of standing, walking and lifting. She also enjoys salsa dancing and working out. Unfortunately, dancing and working out had become too difficult to do with her shoulder pain. 

Initial Shoulder Pain Evaluation: Explained Drop Foot and Previous MS Misdiagnosis

During her first session, Trish was only able to raise her hand to 90 degrees due to a sharp pain in the joint. That first visit, we completed her full-body assessment and treatment to discover that much of her shoulder pain was coming from muscle inactivity around her hip and trunk. At the end of the first session, she was able to lift her hand over her head with only mild discomfort. Trish also explained, during this session, she had suffered left sided paralysis with foot drop. The medical team originally diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis and advised medications that she refused.

When we were able to assess further into her lower leg and foot, she quickly began to gain muscle activity of her left foot and ankle. Something she hadn’t had in over 10 years! 

Effective Physical Therapy for Foot Drop and Shoulder Pain

Trish is extremely diligent with her home program that was specifically designed for her and her symptoms. The hard work she has put in and faith in our system has made all the difference. She has now returned to Yoga, weight lifting, dancing, and is working on growing her business! She is such an inspiration to us. She sent this reply when I asked her if I could share her story,

Patient Testimonial:

Of course. I share it all the time now. I think mostly what you did was magic.. but also gave me tools and exercises that I could do while in my daily life.  You also gave me the ability to calm my anxiety when my body responds to some of the movements. Where before I would worry that it was shutting down again!”

Her Google Review:

"I have been seeing Josh for 6 appointments. Originally went in for shoulder pain. After 13 years of drop foot on my left side I am able to wiggle my toes!!! Move my ankle and stand on one foot without falling! I’m so thrilled with the services received the genuine care and concern of the staff and the global approach to keeping me moving pain free. Thank you Josh! It’s been life changing..."


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