Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain

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Have you tried physical therapy for low back pain before? Have you felt worse after your physical therapy sessions? Does physical therapy even help with lower back pain?

Why Conventional Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain Doesn't Work

Did you know low back pain is so common one study revealed 25% of U.S. adults had reported lower back pain in the past 3 months. Unfortunately, physical therapy has shown little progress towards controlling the back pain epidemic. Studies show that the majority of unspecific low back pain cases will return to normal within six weeks WITHOUT treatment. Coincidentally, many conventional PTS see patients two times a week for about six weeks.

Does that mean you should just sit home in pain and wait for your issue to go away? The doctors at Breaking Through would say, "No." Not only would that be way too long to put up with pain, it wouldn't stop it from coming back in the future, wouldn't educate you on the root cause of the pain and wouldn't diagnose any underlying pathology.

Low Back Pain "Conventional" Physical Therapy (we are NOT conventional)

When we talk about "conventional" physical therapy we are referring to the cookie-cutter physical therapy approaches that most physical therapists prescribe. If you have ever had a doctor refer you to a PT, that Physical Therapist is a "conventional" physical therapist. At Breaking Through we use the one80 system, a patented approach to restoring proper function back to the body - with better results in less visits.

Failures of conventional physical therapy when treating low back pain:

Physical Therapists will use stretching and flexibility exercises. Although stretching tight muscle can deliver temporary relief, it actually compounds low back pain issues.
PTs will teach patients proper form for lifting, walking, and carrying to help with lower back pain. Biomechanics are not something that can be taught. The body needs re-education at a neurological level to move effectively.Physical Therapists prescribe corrective or "safe" exercise programs. Unfortunately, exercise alone does not correct dysfunction. Because most back pain patients symptoms stem from hip, knee and/or foot issues, exercises for the back are usually a waste of time.Physical Therapists and Chiropractors will use spinal manipulation.  Getting "adjustments" for the lumbar spine has shown to be ineffective in clinical studies.Physical Therapists incorporate massage - Massage makes muscles relax, which can alleviate pain TEMPORARILY but muscles need to contract in order to function normally.  Making muscles relax keep them from being able to stabilize and protect the lower back, or lumbar spine. Massage also increases long term tightness.Other ineffective techniques used by traditional physical therapy includes: electrical stimulation, decompression, needling, ice/heat, cupping and foam rolling.  These will cover the symptoms by providing short term relief, but do not address the cause of the pain.Unlike conventional Physical Therapy, Breaking Through uses the patented One80 System®.  This method is unique in that the evaluation and treatment processes are built on science and provide immediate and lasting results. Rather than focusing on the painful area, the lower back, or the lumbar spine in this case, we evaluate the entire body to determine the root cause of symptoms.  Then, our doctors use manual therapy techniques to re-establish normal physiological function. This process is followed up with reinforcement exercises that are specific to each patient.

If you are experiencing low back pain and would like to learn how Breaking Through can help, call (440) 973-4223 today for a FREE CONSULTATION. Let us show you how our approach to physical therapy is the opposite of everything you've tried before.  It is designed to restore function better, and with less visits.

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