Effective Physical Therapy for Severe Back Pain

The following patient testimonial about our physical therapy helping to alleviate severe back pain is really powerful for us. The idea that this patient was in so much severe back pain he couldn't enjoy playing with his children just hits so hard. It was an absolute pleasure to help this patient and we are so grateful that he decided to share his story as a Google Review.

Patient Testimonial:

“I have fought through back pain for years while maintaining an active lifestyle until three years ago when another back injury put me out of service. This time it went from a periodic episode to almost complete immobility due to the constant and unrelenting pain. Days of pain became weeks and then months.


I saw multiple doctors, physical therapists, spine surgeons and pain clinics. All with different treatment plans, medicines and injections but the pain would not stop. I went from a very active lifestyle to not being able to sit, stand or walk for more than 10 minutes without being in terrible pain.


I found Josh through a friend and on my first visit I told him that I didn’t care if I never do any of my old lifestyle again, I just wanted to have one day without pain and I wanted to be able to play with my two little girls again. The constant pain had caused so much physical and mental struggle I didn’t think there was much hope out there and I was convinced I’d be in pain everyday forever. But he was so incredibly positive that I had a tiny glimpse of hope for the first time in years in just our first visit.


The technique he uses is so different and counter to anything I had experienced from any other doctor or PT in the past that I was very hesitant at first, but Josh helps you work through that hesitancy too. He wants you to break through those fears that pain has caused for so long and get your body back to working the way it should.


I’ve been working with him for a couple months now and not only do I have the days without back pain I was looking for, but I’m playing with my kids outside, I’m back doing the hobbies I love and I’m back in the gym. I’m having way more good days than tough days with my back and my whole outlook has changed from where it was the last three years. If you’ve felt like you have tried everything or if you’re just tired of being in pain all I can say is…don’t wait…just go see them!

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