Success Treating Shoulder Pain

We know how frustrating shoulder pain can be. We've seen it firsthand, in the many patients we've treated over the years. (Read another patient success story: Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain & Foot Drop). This post is about Jim, another one of those patients. Jim had been suffering from shoulder pain for over two years. It was preventing him from doing things in his daily life that he loved, like playing baseball and football with his kids, and lifting weights at the gym.

Tried PRP Injections, Physical Therapy and Dry Needling

He had seen an orthopedic doctor, gone to several physical therapists, tried PRP injections, tried dry needling and many other things. NOTHING was helping. Jim was starting to lose hope… He did not know what else to do. THEN, he found Breaking Through… and came in for his full body assessment. Evan took the time to listen to Jim's symptoms, understand his history, and then performed a thorough examination. (To learn about our "thorough examination" read our page about the full functional screen that is designed to assess the whole body for each visit.)

Evan QUICKLY found possible suspects of Jim’s shoulder pain and initiated a personalized treatment plan to address these factors, with specific activities and movements that would lead to Jim's recovery. Jim was diligent in his performance and he immediately started to feel relief of his shoulder pain, but reported the discomfort seemed to move to different areas in his shoulder.

Evan explained that this was expected, as Jim was a good athlete and his body finds ways to compensate. This was two years of compensations he had been dealing with and it would take some adjustments to his home program to uncover the original cause of the shoulder pain. After just 4-5 sessions at Breaking Through, Jim was able to do MORE with his workouts, throw 30-40 footballs at practice with mild soreness, and he was sleeping better at night. He was confident that he was headed to 100% recovery.


Jim's Google Review:

"I’ve been having shoulder pain for over two years. It was preventing me from doing things in my daily life that I had done for years. I saw an orthopedic doctor, I went to endless physical therapists, I tried PRP injections, I tried dry needling and many other things. Nothing was helping. After 4-5 sessions with Evan, I’m close to pain free.


I’m able to do more with my workouts already and I’m confident that we’re headed to 100%. You can really tell he cares and will not quit until he finds the root of the issue. The best part is that he’s taught me how to treat the small stuff myself so that when I’m fully healed I can prevent it from getting bad ever again. Would recommend to all family and friends moving forward."

PRP Injections for Shoulder Pain


Learn why our physical therapy will get better results than PRP injections, dry needling and other treatments in less visits when our doctors of PT work with you INDIVIDUALLY to uncover the root cause of your shoulder pain or other dysfunction. To arrange a shoulder pain assessment contact us.


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