One80 PT for Runners: Proven Effective for Recovery and Performance

Whether you're a track runner, a trail runner, a marathon runner or run for fun, runners are racing to the patented One80 System® for PT that's effective for injury recovery and prevention.

Setting the Pace with PT for Runners

The road to recovery, and the path to prevention, shouldn’t be a solo sprint. At Breaking Through, we're the setting the pace in rehabilitating runners and keeping them injury-free.

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EFFECTIVE Physical Therapy for Runners - Getting to the Root Cause:

Learn How Our Physical Therapy is Effective for All Types of Runners

Shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis — these are common issues that can derail your training. But why settle for the typical treatments and limited results? The patented One80 System® has replaced passive stretching with dynamic warm up, massage with active muscle re-education, inserts with barefoot exercise, and ‘rest’ with… running!

 Conventional Physical Therapy is Expensive and Less Effective

Here's the cold hard truth, conventional PT is an expensive and time-consuming way to runaround symptoms. At Breaking Through we’ve flipped the script. Our methods focus on finding the cause, reversing it, educating you how to progress all while keeping you active with your training.

Breaking Through doesn’t stop there. Our goal is to help you maximize your performance with exercise strategies, biomechanics assessments and one on one attention you won’t get from the typical PT, chiropractor, or massage therapist. The result? You run faster, run longer, run stronger and keep running without setbacks.

Breaking Through has the science, the strategies, and the success stories that make us the industry leaders. Don't just take our word for it, read our patients' success stories on our blog, connect with us on Instagram, or get expert insights on our YouTube channel.


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