Rent a Neurofeedback Machine

Rent a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System


NeurOptimal's neurofeedback device was designed to be used by anyone, anywhere. Train your brain while reading, relaxing or even sleeping.

Neurofeedback Rental Plan

Unlimited Plan
• 4 weeks
• $1000
• Unlimited sessions
• Train up to 6 people in household

Neurofeedback Rental Includes:

• Professional NeurOptimal system (the neurofeedback machine)
• Conductive Paste
• ZAmp
• Sensors
• Personal Support from NeurOptimal Representative
• Technical support
• Instructional videos

6 Reasons to Rent Our Neurofeedback Machines:

1. Saves Money. Substantial savings in cost.
2. Equal Benefits with More Convenience. The neurofeedback system you rent is the same brain training system used for in-office visits
3. Easy to use. Watch a video here to see what's included in your rental and how to set it up.
4. Convenient. Your rental system includes all materials needed to do brain training in the convenience of your own home. Each system comes with a printed manual.
5. One Price for the Whole Family. Train multiple people at home - up to 6 people on the same device. Only requirement is to send us a Consent Form for each person training.
6. Support. Our NeurOptimal Trainer, Jennifer Palcic, will guide you through the process and provide support during your renting period if you need extra help.

Good to Know Before Renting a Neurofeedback Machine:

First come, first serve. If there is a wait, a filled out contract and reservation will get you on the waitlist. At times have high demand, but we do our best to get a system shipped within two weeks after reservation has been made.
An online reservation and a signed contract is required to be on the waitlist and before we can ship out a system. Fill out the form on this page to let our Neurofeedback Trainer and NeurOptimal Representative, Jennifer Palcic, know that you are interested and she will have all the paperwork for you to get started.

Rental Fees Collection: Rental fee payment is collected 24 hours before shipment or on day of scheduled pick up. Please note the shipping charges are not included in monthly payment. Signature is required if shipped.

Neurofeedback Machine Rental Cycle: Rental cycle dates will be set once system has been shipped/scheduled for pick up. The rental period begins the day after you receive your system if shipped, or upon pick up, and lasts 4 weeks. To be returned/shipped back on your due date.

Training on the Neurofeedback System: When you rent a neurofeedback machine from us, you can expect excellent support and an easy-to-use home system; we provide a printed step-by-step guide exclusive for Breaking Through renters on how to set the system up in your home. And you will also be assigned an experienced neurofeedback representative to guide you if extra help is needed.


Reserve a Neurofeedback Rental

3 Easy Steps To Rent Your Own Neurofeedback System

1. Fill out the Neurofeedback Rental inquiry form on this page.

2. After filling out the form, our Neurofeedback Trainer and NeurOptimal Representative, Jennifer Palcic, will receive an email with the fields you entered. Jen will use that contact information you provided to get back to you within 1 - 2 business days.

3. Connect with Jen to get all your questions answered. She'll send you consent forms, contracts and additional paperwork as well as discuss payment options.

If there is a wait, a reservation and filled out contract will get you on the waitlist.