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At Breaking Through Physical Therapy our physical therapy assessment is an in-depth functional screen to determine the unique causes of your symptoms and each visit is a one-to-one assessment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, plus physical therapy treatment focused on your individual needs. Schedule your initial physical therapy assessment today.

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Getting a Physical Therapy Assessment

  • Looking to eliminate back pain, shoulder pain or other chronic or acute pain?
  • Want to get back to playing your sport or active lifestyle with optimal performance instead of discomfort?
  • Interested in learning how to take your performance to a new level by getting higher levels of engagement from your body?

Whether you are interested in physical therapy for sports rehab, pain relief or performance, you can use this contact us form to submit a request. Your submission will generate an email to us. We will respond within one business day.

If you would like to talk to us during business hours, feel free to call us at the office, 440-973-4223. If we are with a patient, or taking a call on the other line, leave us a message and we will return your call right away.


Our Services


Neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help patients with performance, trauma, PTSD, ADHD and more.



Our approach to physical therapy puts athletes at the top of their game by improving performance, optimizing movement and muscle engagement.


The physical therapists at Breaking Through help patients in pain to avoid surgery, or to rehab after a surgery, by restoring the body to normal function in less visits.


Neurodevelopmental treatment is a hands‐on approach to improve gross motor function in children and adults with neurological problems (such as cerebral palsy).


If it's a golf injury, or pain that flares up while you golf, keeping you from enjoying the game, let's get you back on the green with our proven sports rehab for golfers.


Golf Sports Rehab


Running injuries can be devastating to a runner.  Whether pain in your hips, knees, lower legs or feet (i.e. plantar fasciitis), our systematic approach uncovers the root cause to get you back to enjoying your runs.

Sports Rehab for Runners


Experiencing pain while cross training, doing your CrossFit WODs, or weight lifting? We assess the whole body function and work to get those muscles firing together again for peak performance.

Weightlifting Physical Therapy


Whether it's tennis or the growing sport of pickleball, an injury from overuse or body position is common.  Our sports rehab will have you serving again with strength and not pain.

Tennis Injury Physical Therapy


A football injury will be game-changing at any level. In our rehab program we'll focus on body function and motion, rather than pain and symptoms, to get you off the sidelines.

Sports Rehab for Football Injury


Most other team sports - basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and soccer, carry heightened risks of injury when "game time" intensity kicks in. Our sports rehab is designed to put you back in the game ASAP.

Sports Rehab


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