Treat and Avoid the Most Common Golf Injury: Low Back Pain

Spring is here, and for many, that means dusting off the clubs and hitting the golf course. But what if you suffer from lower back pain? Should you avoid the sport until the pain is gone? Do you ice it? Rest it? Or should you power through and golf with lower back pain?

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy, we utilize the One80® System to help golfers achieve peak performance. And golf, while a fantastic sport, can put a strain on your lower back if not approached with the right precautions.

Just like any athlete, golfers need to prepare their bodies for the demands of the swing and in this post we intend on helping golfers answer these questions and better prepare for the sport they love.

Golf Prep: From Golfing with Lower Back Pain to Improving Your Golf Game

Just like any athlete, golfers need to prepare their bodies for the demands of the swing.

Preparing for your golf game includes:

Golfing With Lower Back Pain? The One80® System Advantage

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy, we take a different approach to improving your golf game AND to fixing lower back pain. (Read Physical Therapy for Back Pain: Laying Out the Facts and How Long Does Physical Therapy Take for Lower Back Pain.) As a One80 System® provider we combine:

  • Manual Therapy: we will assess your full body to discover any underlying issues that might be contributing to back pain and activate muscles that are dormant.
  • Functional Movement Training: we'll create a personalized exercise program specifically designed to strengthen your core, improve your golf swing mechanics, and prevent future lower back and other golf injuries.
  • Performance Optimization: we'll help you refine your golf swing mechanics to maximize power and accuracy while minimizing stress on your back.

Back to Golf: Tee Off With Confidence

By following these tips and incorporating The One80 System® into your routine, you can tee off for a fantastic season! We want you to enjoy your favorite sport for years to come. We will never tell any of our clients to give up on something they need or love to do.  So if you are dealing with any golf pain or injuries, contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve pain-free and peak performance on the course!

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