7 Reasons Athletes Choose Breaking Through for Sports Therapy

#1. Customized Care. One-on-One Sports Therapy Treatment

We focus on finding the root cause of your specific issue with an extensive functional evaluation each session. You will be seen one-on-one for manual therapy treatment and progress through customized reinforcement exercises.

#2. Science-Based Process and Treatment Strategies

Rather than relying on symptom modification gimmicks, Breaking Through attacks the cause of the symptoms. In other words, we do not just treat the symptom, we find the source. This unique thinking gets athletes quick and lasting results.

#3. Sports Performance Maximization and Injury Minimization

Breaking Through provides athletes with maximized MoStreBility with the use of the One80 System. This is the combination of motion, strength, and stability and is what increases performance levels while decreasing risk of injury. Athletes are also given expert advice on how to prepare for practice and play to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

#4. Sports Performance Optimization

Breaking Through offers options for both mental and physical optimization. Our experts get athletes’ physical bodies working to their maximal potential with One80 techniques and principles. And our NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback optimizes mental processing and reaction time through its state of the art designed brain training. A customized home program/ warm-up routine is developed for each client that focuses on their sport/ activity.

#5. Return to Playing Sports

Our goal at Breaking Through is to help you restore normal function and return to your activities as soon as possible. Because our system is able to restore normal nerve-muscle communication, our clients recover quickly and rarely spend time missing out on the sideline.

#6. Non-Surgical Treatment

When possible, the One80 providers at Breaking Through try to avoid surgery in favor of non-invasive methods like manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, exercise prescription and patient education. With this line of treatment, many athletes can either avoid surgery, or put it off until after their season is over.

#7. Education

The best tool we can give a patient is the knowledge they need in order to understand why an injury occurred, what we did to solve the problem, and what to do in order to prevent future issues. Because what we do at Breaking Through is the opposite of conventional thinking, patient education is paramount.


Breaking Through is committed to being the leader in efficient and effective physical therapy and returning people to the things they love to do in Northeast Ohio.

Our tagline is: Think Different, Move Different, Be Different. 

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Ideal for athletes, our neurofeedback device can be used on the bus, plane, train, hotel room, and everywhere your sports career takes you.


What do our patients say about the in-office neurofeedback sessions and buying or renting their own equipment for at-home use?