We Love to Help Training for Marathons and the Cleveland Marathon is Only 3 Months Away!

Training for marathons, half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks and all running events is something we do best.

If you're a runner than you likely know the Cleveland Marathon is just about 3 months away!  The marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K will be held on Saturday and Sunday, May 18th & 19th. Are you ready? We can help!

At Breaking Through, we help athletes train for events both physically AND mentally.

Physically Training for a Marathon with Sports Therapy

Learn How Our Physical Therapy is Effective for All Types of Runners

Physically, we can increase your muscle strength, eliminate any pain you are experiencing, prevent injury, and improve performance - possibly helping you reach a new PR!

Our One80® System providers have a whole body approach to teaching you how to perform at your best. No fancy equipment and hyped-up gimmicks. The One80 System is an approach based on getting to the root cause of pain or disfunction to improve performance.

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Mentally Training for a Marathon with Neurofeedback Brain Training

Learn How Our Neurofeedback Brain Training is Effective for All Types of Athletes and Performance

Mentally, we can train your brain to function at its best performance. Training your brain, with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, can help to improve your mental performance by decreasing stress, decreasing performance anxiety, improving sleep and improving your attitude.

What if you could gain a new personal best this year? What if you could run that race for the first time? What if you were able to accomplish a goal that you never thought you could?

Many Athletes Train Their Brain with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback.

We typically know, in order to improve our physical performance we need to eat right, workout, and get enough sleep.  What if you did all of this along with neurofeedback? Think of the possibilities! If your brain is functioning at its peak performance, many other things will begin to function better too. You may begin to feel more rested when you wake up. Your mental performance could improve. You could have less worry and anxiety leading up to the race and during the race. You could have better workouts which will lead to increasing your strength and endurance. You could begin to make better diet choices.

Imagine training for a marathon both physically AND mentally, and what you could accomplish. Let us help.

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