Plantar Fasciitis and Other Foot Pain Treatments

This post is to share a recent patient success story about foot pain. Ryan came to Breaking Through after struggling with plantar fasciitis for 3-4 months. The pain was so bad that it kept him from doing all of the activities he enjoyed, including playing soccer, hiking, and running.

Ryan tried EVERYTHING to relieve the pain, but NOTHING seemed to work. He tried wearing supportive shoes, using KT tape, even seeing a physician, but there was NO difference.

Ryan Referred for Foot Pain from Family Member

Finally, Ryan was referred to Breaking Through by a family member. During his first appointment, he met with Evan, one of our experienced physical therapists and One80® provider.

Cause of Foot Pain Started with the Hips

Evan took the time to find the cause of his pain and then developed a personalized treatment plan. It turned out that his area of pain was NOT the origin of his pain. The full body assessment helped get past the initial symptoms and find that the root cause of his dysfunction was coming from his hips. This is why nothing else was working!

The treatment plan included a specific series of exercises that were specific to Ryan’s root cause of his pain.  Evan also provided Ryan with specific instructions on how to modify his activities to AVOID further PAIN. Ryan followed Evan's instructions faithfully, and after just a few weeks, He began to see significant improvement!  He was able to start playing soccer again, and he even started going on daily walks and jogs.

If you are an active person and an injury/pain has been preventing you from doing the activities you love, consider Breaking Through.

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