About Breaking Through Physical Therapy

At Breaking Through Intensive Therapy we provide physical therapy and neurofeedback to clients of all ages to help them reach their functional goals and live life to the fullest. Our Middleburg Heights physical therapy clinic got its start specializing in intensive physical therapy for individuals with neurologic deficits, which is why "Intensive Therapy" is in the name, but as we have evolved, so have our services. Our physical therapists became the only in Ohio certified in The One80 System to treat the root cause of pain, function and performance.  By employing this method we have become a physical therapy clinic most effective at using physical therapy for orthopedic injuries, sports rehab, sports performance and chronic and acute pain. We also provide neurofeedback sessions and equipment for those struggling with anxiety, ADHD, depression and a variety of mental health challenges. As a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, and the only NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback representative in Ohio, Jennifer Palcic can discuss renting and purchasing of the neurofeedback systems for companies, sports teams or for in-home use.

Jennifer Palcic, PTA, Neurofeedback Trainer

Jennifer Palcic is our Neurofeedback Trainer at Breaking Through Physical Therapy. She has over 22 years experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant and has worked with the pediatric, geriatric and orthopedic populations throughout her career.

Jennifer and her husband, Josh Palcic, live in North Ridgeville, OH with their 4 children. They fostered and adopted their fourth child and while fostering him, they discovered neurofeedback brain training to help him overcome trauma and improve behaviors. Their son has had so much success with brain training that Jen received her certification in Neurofeedback and began to offer sessions and the ability to rent and purchase neurofeedback equipment at Breaking Through.

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Josh Palcic, PT, DPT

Josh Palcic, PT, DPT, is the Physical Therapist at Breaking Through that specializes in intensive therapy, or Neurologic Developmental Treatment (NDT) - the foundation of opening Breaking Through Intensive Physical Therapy in 2019 to serve children with neurologic conditions.

Since opening Breaking Through Josh has become trained in The One80 SystemⓇ in order to bring on more physical therapists and serve a wider community, including young and adult athletes as well as older adults with orthopedic injuries.  By applying the systematic methodologies of The One80 System, Josh and the other PTs at Breaking Through are finding the root cause of their patients' symptoms and educating them how they are able to treat their symptoms.

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Jessie Gal-Chis, Administrative Assistant

Jessie (Gavris) Gal-Chis graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science in May 2023. She has a passion for physical therapy–being a part of someone’s journey to recover from an injury or journey to solve their pain.

Shortly after her college graduation, she got married in July 2023! A month later, in August 2023, she joined the Breaking Through team. Jessie plays a key role in the administrative duties at Breaking Through, as well as marketing, email marketing and social media.

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Our approach to physical therapy puts athletes at the top of their game by improving performance, optimizing movement and muscle engagement.


The physical therapists at Breaking Through help patients in pain to avoid surgery, or to rehab after a surgery, by restoring the body to normal function in less visits.


Neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help patients with performance, trauma, PTSD, ADHD and more.



We work with local coaches to design team warm-up drills that reduce sports injuries and enhance performance.


Our physical therapists get to the root cause of your pain and implement the most effective techniques to treat your pain or dysfunction.


Neurodevelopmental treatment is a hands‐on approach to improve gross motor function in children and adults with neurological problems (such as cerebral palsy).

Sports Rehab and Sports Performance

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab and optimizing performance.


To arrange an assessment for neurofeedback, sports injury rehab, sports performance or neurodevelopmental therapy, contact us.


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Private Practice Physical Therapy Clinic

Our private practice physical therapy clinic is conveniently located across the Cuyahoga County fairgrounds entrance, less than .5 mile from 71 and less than 15 miles from several communities including:

  • Seven Hills, OH
  • Rocky River, OH
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Westlake, OH
  • Brunswick, OH