Redefining Treatments for Shoulder Pain

does physical therapy work for shoulder pain

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain: Does it Work or Not Work?

Have you tried physical therapy for shoulder pain and felt it didn't work for long-term results? That's because conventional physical therapy only scratches the surface, but Breaking Through is different. Physical therapy at Breaking Through goes deep to address the root cause of your shoulder pain. It's not about quick fixes, it's about lasting solutions.

Shoulder Pain Treatment at Breaking Through

At Breaking Through, we utilize the patented One80 System® which is not just another treatment method, it’s a philosophy, a comprehensive approach that targets the underlying dysfunction causing your shoulder issues. This system is about precision – from our total body assessment to each customized exercise you are given, our experts will normalize your function in as little as one visit.

Traditional physical therapy is focused on symptom modification, but that misses the point, and Breaking Through is in the business of hitting bullseyes. While conventional treatments focus on short term pain modification, our purpose is to maximize your nerve/muscle function. This is what will restore strength, increase motion, eliminate pain and get you back to your daily activities quickly.

Shoulder Pain - Getting to the Root Cause:

Where conventional physical therapy fails to treat shoulder pain, the One80 System succeeds by identifying the root cause and targeting the treatment on the cause of the dysfunction resulting in the shoulder pain.

Breaking Through for All Types of Shoulder Pain

From rotator cuff disorders to impingement syndromes, shoulder dislocations to post operative recovery, shoulder issues are easily assessed and addressed with the One80 approach. Our practitioners have extensive post graduate training in biomechanics, anatomy and physiology allowing them to ensuring our patient’s recovery is swift and sustainable.

New patients often arrive at Breaking Through after failing traditional treatments. Here they find a paradigm shift — a fresh perspective that combines their unique history with our expertise. It's a collaborative effort, one that yields results where others have failed.

Our success stories are testaments to a method that is the opposite of everything else, a true “One80”. From NFL stars to Broadway dancers, from Division I college standouts to hardworking high school athletes, from joint replacements to those suffering from auto injuries, our approach has redefined what it means to recover, rebuild, and return stronger.

Physical Therapy at Breaking Through: Effective Shoulder Pain Treatment

If your shoulder pain didn’t respond to conventional PT, chiropractic, massage and even injections, it's time to do a “One80” and “Break Through” what has been holding you back. Experiencing the difference between old school and the revolution is as easy as scheduling a FREE consultation. Call (440) 937-4223 now to get started.  

 Get more info about how we do what we do at, follow our journey on Instagram, or get insights on our YouTube channel. Or, better yet, call and schedule a FREE consultation today at (440) 973-4223.  If you're a professional looking to step up your game, join the MemberShift and reinvent your career in less than four months by learning The One80 System.  The One80 System isn't just a change in direction, it's a complete game changer! And it's time you joined us.



What do our patients say about shoulder pain treatments at Breaking Through?


Our approach to physical therapy puts athletes at the top of their game by improving performance, optimizing movement and muscle engagement.


The physical therapists at Breaking Through help patients in pain to avoid surgery, or to rehab after a surgery, by restoring the body to normal function in less visits.


Neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help patients with performance, trauma, PTSD, ADHD and more.



We work with local coaches to design team warm-up drills that reduce sports injuries and enhance performance.


Our physical therapists get to the root cause of your pain and implement the most effective techniques to treat your pain or dysfunction.


Neurodevelopmental treatment is a hands‐on approach to improve gross motor function in children and adults with neurological problems (such as cerebral palsy).


To arrange an assessment for neurofeedback, sports injury rehab, sports performance or neurodevelopmental therapy, contact us.

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