Jessie (Gavris) Gal-Chis "

Jessie Gal-Chis, Administrative Assistant

Jessie (Gavris) Gal-Chis graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science in May 2023. She has a passion for physical therapy and being a part of someone’s journey to recover from an injury or to solve their pain.

Shortly after her college graduation, she got married in July 2023! A month later, in August 2023, she joined the Breaking Through team. Jessie plays a key role in many of the administrative duties at Breaking Through, as well as marketing, email marketing and social media.

When Jessie is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her family and friends, dog, and two cats. She enjoys traveling to new places, photography, playing soccer and volleyball, and reading. Jessie is also involved in her local church, mostly with the youth group as well as the music team.

An interesting fact about Jessie is that both of her parents’ families fled from communist Romania in the 1980s. She is still heavily immersed in Romanian culture through her large extended family, as well as her church community. She is bilingual, able to speak both English and Romanian, and has been to Romania several times for missions trips and visiting family.

Sports Rehab

From getting back on the golf course to being able to perfect those olympic lifts, our physical therapy is designed for your sports rehab.


If it's a golf injury, or pain that flares up while you golf, keeping you from enjoying the game, let's get you back on the green with our proven sports rehab for golfers.


Golf Sports Rehab


Running injuries can be devastating to a runner.  Whether pain in your hips, knees, lower legs or feet (i.e. plantar fasciitis), our systematic approach uncovers the root cause to get you back to enjoying your runs.

Sports Rehab for Runners


Experiencing pain while cross training, doing your CrossFit WODs, or weight lifting? We assess the whole body function and work to get those muscles firing together again for peak performance.

Weightlifting Physical Therapy


Whether it's tennis or the growing sport of pickleball, an injury from overuse or body position is common.  Our sports rehab will have you serving again with strength and not pain.

Tennis Injury Physical Therapy


A football injury will be game-changing at any level. In our rehab program we'll focus on body function and motion, rather than pain and symptoms, to get you off the sidelines.

Sports Rehab for Football Injury


Most team sports - basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and soccer, carry heightened risks of injury when "game time" intensity kicks in. Our sports rehab will put you back in the game ASAP.

Sports Rehab


To arrange an assessment for sports injury rehab and physical therapy, contact us.