Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle with Effective Physical Therapy

First was Maria (client testimonial video below) who said she first came to Breaking Through with terrible sciatic nerve pain that was keeping her from being able to perform her CrossFit workouts and starting to affect her everyday life. This client is a very active CrossFit athlete, who was unable to workout effectively due to back pain -- it got to the point where it was too hard to even stand or sit for a long period of time. Now, not only is she out of pain, but she is also PR'ing in CrossFit.

So how do you fix lower back pain in weightlifters? We did NOT tell her to rest. We did NOT tell her to stretch. All of her treatment was based on MOVEMENT and now she is stronger and better than before her injury. See her Google Review below:

"OH MY GOOSE!!! I went to see Evan for what I thought was nerve issues in my back but it was nothing more than muscles not being used. It hurt to do simple day to day chores and after 5 sessions I was back in the gym and hit a personal record: 110lb squat clean!!! Thank you so much Evan at Breaking Through Intensive Therapy." - Maria Lano

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Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle with Effective Physical Therapy

Recent Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials:

“I’ve been working with Dr Evan since May. Went in with chronic low back pain that impacted my daily quality of life, as well as my weightlifting, as well as shoulder and wrist pain. Through the exercises he prescribed me as well as working on muscle activation im pain free daily. I had previously tried multiple chiropractors and massage therapists, and this has been significantly more helpful!" - Alex Macey

“I’ve been dealing with lower back pain for years. It’s impacted my day to day life. I’ve been coming to breaking through and I’m on my 3rd visit and I already feel so much better! They’re the only PT I’ll ever recommend!" - Jon Mathoslah

"Back in September of 2022 I herniated 2 disc in my low back from constant wear and tear from being active in sports, running, lifting and work. During this time I was having extreme bi lateral sciatic pain down both of my legs. Some mornings I couldn’t get out of bed. I exhausted all of my options from primary doctor, chiro, in network PT, stretching etc.. I heard about Breaking Through by a friend and fellow client of Josh’s. I did my research and decided to make an appointment with josh 2 weeks ago. I was some what pessimistic because I felt like this was just an injury I had to deal with and live with. I’m glad I was wrong. I have seen josh only 3 times and during these last 3 visits, I’m back to running again pain- free, squatting, having more mobility in my lower body and little to zero sciatic pain daily. Josh was so positive with his attitude on getting me back to what I love to do and that’s workout and be active. I went from not being able to run 10 feet without sciatic pain to now running 3.5 miles pain free. Thank you Breaking Through and Josh!" - Cody Alflen


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